Text by Emma Corcoran, Playlist by Violet India Chaudoir

Choosing the right music to listen to during pre-drinks can make or break a night: binge on Adele for an hour and you'll risk ending up sob-screaming "Hello, can you hear me?!" to your almost-empty bottle of Cava Rosé, and if you try the fly-and-die technique of chugging along to "Roxanne" - well, props to you if you even make it out (let alone stand up).

That's why this week, we've crafted the ultimate pres playlist that brings a little touch of everything: funk (soul brother), soul, jazz, R&B and rock n' roll. It's the perfect list of throwback jukebox tunes and unexpected randos: the ones you haven't heard in years, the ones you forgot you know all the words to, the ones that make you wanna bob your head - or better yet - get up and shake your stuff (which we absolutely encourage). So whether you're just starting the night (impressing your flatmates from the shower with your set of pipes, ransacking your entire wardrobe because you have NO clothes, etc.) or already started drinking, or doing both at the same time (!! we see you, multitaskers), we hope this list of jams puts you in the right mood and gets you pumped for an unforgettable night out. Or forgettable. We don't judge.

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