Text by Emma Corcoran, Playlist by Violet India Chaudoir

It's 10:56am. You turn over in bed, look down at your phone, and in a moment of panic, you realise you've completely slept through your alarm. Your tutorial starts at 11am. You have four.minutes.

Throwing back the covers, grabbing a hat and saying a silent prayer as you stumble out the door that you remembered to take off last night's makeup, you begin the treacherous late-to-class-brutally-hungover-possibly-still-drunk-way-too-early-for-this-kind-of-excitement morning limp/jog in your pjs and Ugg boots (classic getup), muttering all the curse words under your breath as you pass by ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHERE DID YOU ALL COME FROM. Your eyes are bloodshot, your throat is screaming for (coconut) water and you have approximately five billion missed "are you alive" messages, but you make it to class. The professor throws you the classic "well well well, nice of you to join us" judgmental look, so you sort of grimace ("lol my b?") as you awkwardly (loudly) sit down, and all the other students are staring like they're embarrassed for you but you pretend not to notice as you reach into your bag and - oh great, you don't even have a pen??? - but you made it. And finally - f i n a l l y - you. can. breathe. It probably sounds a little bit like stifled wheezing at first. But you're breathing. 

Maybe I just described what happened to me last week. Maybe I didn't. (I'll just let you decide.) But the point is, we all have had a similar experience of completely losing it: when you have mere MINUTES to turn in an assignment but the printer decides to suddenly stop working, when you didn't do the reading for your tutorial and your professor chooses THAT day to call on you, when you drop a jar of coconut oil on your phone and crack the ENTIRE screen... the list goes on. And in that moment, you get tunnel vision, you feel like the world is about to end, you lose all sense of time... and yourself.  

If you're like me (the most anxious person ever and I mean ever), then these situations happen to you pretty frequently (every day) (okay every hour). But as you approach Week Five, remind yourself when your deadlines pile up and your stress levels skyrocket to just.breathe. You make mistakes because - guess what - you're human, and when things happen outside of your control, you take whatever life throws at you and you roll with it (or as my boy Joel Osteen says, "drop it, leave it, let it go"). 

So cut yourself some slack, relax, inhale and then... exhale. Easier said than done, I know (trust me, I know), but I'll be reminding myself of this, too, and this time, I'm going to listen.

Need inspiration? Then check out this week's Music Monday playlist by Violet - because we all get by with a little help from our friends.

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