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By: Maddy Belton, Music Sub-Editor

Welcome to ST.ART music, and welcome to week 2, hopefully those of you that have just started are coming out of their fresher’s flu and into the good stuff, and returners are starting to feel like they’ve never been away!

This week kicks of content for the music section and what better way to get going than with a playlist. It has no specific theme, but I’ve tried to pick songs that will keep up that motivation, with a real jumble. From the chart hits ‘False Alarm’ and ‘Sex’, to the slightly more off beat ‘Sunday Candy’ and ‘Honey’ this playlist should encapsulate that back to school mojo I’m sure we’re all feeling.

SO play it at pre’s play it while you try and clean your kitchen or just play it on the way to class. Cry to it or dance to it. But enjoy getting to grips with everything from McMorrow to Macklemore, and getting a sample of my own personal music taste. I’m sure there will be at least one that gets you, even if you’ve heard it a 100 times this week already. 


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