25 Songs of Christmas

Photo: Emma Galligani

Photo: Emma Galligani

By: Maddy Belton

Christmas songs are often a point of contention. A subject of great divide they are both what the Grinch despises, and the very first thing that Christmas addicts begin their celebrations with, albeit sometimes in August.

Nonetheless they are addictive: we hear Mariah Carey and children everywhere write their list to Santa whilst Mums break into a mild panic, because the songs are like a constant reminder of all they have left to do. But I have seen even the worst scrooge broken by Ella Fitzgerald, found singing Slade at 4pm with the bottle of wine their aunt brought to dinner. And there’s something nostalgic about these tunes that bring out that sparkle in your grandparents’ eyes, and as you watch your Granddad reminisce to The Christmas Song, you can’t help but find yourself pulling out your own memories of Christmas past.

To me, these songs are some of the most unifying music we make, not just in the people they bring together, but also in the people who sing them. From Tom Jones to Justin Bieber, the amazing thing about Christmas music is the diversity of musicians they attract. You can search your favourite song and find twenty different versions that will please from Grandma to Grandchild.

So I made you a little collection to play on your journey home. I tried to keep in mind that diversity and sense of nostalgia: in my 25 songs for 25 days, you’ll find some old classics, and hopefully something you haven’t heard before. I was kind, not all of them are Christmas songs, but, most of them have appeared on a Christmas film at some point, so even if you hate the cringe, you’ll be able to direct it a film rather than the people so joyfully belting it out.

Look out for a little snapshot of Zimmer from the Holiday and a beautiful instrumental of one of my favourite Christmas songs ‘Grown up Christmas List’, and most of all, enjoy. Put on ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ as you make your way out of the bubble, and forget you’re revising when the Pogues have a domestic in New York. And for those of you that despise Christmas music? It’s over by January.

Safe travels and Merry Christmas everyone xx

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