ZOOM: Matilda Lucas

In ST.ART’s new ZOOM series our photography editor sits down with with the St. Andrews-based photographers and recent graduates to discuss their work.

Matilda, what’s the first picture you remember taking?

My first photo? It would probably be a photograph of my little sister. I was nine or ten and had a little, shitty digital camera - probably a purple or a pink one.

Do you only shoot film?

Currently yes, only analog. Hoping to expand to digital though, it’s more flexible I think.

How would you describe the type of photography that interests you?

I like the intimate aspect of photography, being able to be one on one with someone. I’m interested in something that encapsulates their personality, their quirks.

How do you choose your subjects?

Either I know them or… depends on the sort of concept I’m going for. Usually people around me, or anyone I think has interesting features. It could just be a nice way to spend time with someone.

Tell me about the most recent project you’ve been working on.

I haven’t worked on any projects recently. This summer I bought a point-and-shoot, an Olympus Stylus, and took some photos while traveling in Thailand; some street photography and portraits. No concept, just capturing the memories.

Do you also take pictures on your phone when you travel?

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

Yes I do, but not that many. Mostly if I can’t access my camera or don't want to wait for the photograph to be developed.

According to you what makes a “good” photograph?

I think it can go two ways. If I’m using it as medium to visually preserve a moment that otherwise would be distorted over time, a good photograph would be as accurate/ candid as possible. But if to preserve an idea, I guess it’s more superficial. Being an arranged photograph, composition, colour, and the familiarity in the subjects’ expression play a big role.

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

To what extent do you feel that your work is influenced by other photographers? Do you look at other photographers’ images for inspiration?

I think my work is fairly influenced by other photographers; it’s inevitable considering the countless platforms that are available. I often find myself wanting to recreate photos from collections that I like.

How do you feel about being photographed yourself?

Not too good in front of a camera- which I find very hypocritical because I want my subjects to be as comfortable as possible!

Would you do self-portraits?

Self-portraits with a timer? I don’t think I would. That way I feel like you have much less control over what you’re taking- not that it reduces its artistic value. I guess it could be interesting though if I also had another subject in the frame.

Do you know what you want to focus on this year?

In terms of photography, I would like to learn more of the technical side. Other than that just do more shoots, meet new people through that and more experimenting, because it all seems a bit repetitive at the moment.

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

This a photograph of my younger sister taken this summer, I just wanted to test out my camera and she’s my favorite subject so. I love being able to document the changes in the way she expresses herself and for her to see herself the way that I do.

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

Photo Credit- Matilda Lucas

This photograph was taken while waiting at a bus station in Trat. I was sat with this frame in front of me, and remember being very content in the moment; I think the stillness and the composition of the station was the perfect way to keep that feeling.

Interview by Ania Juszczyk

All Photos by Matilda Lucas

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