Preview: 'After the Call'

Organization: Transept

Date & Time: (Performance) 11th April, 7pm

                         (Exhibition) 6-15th April, 12pm – 5pm


Venue: Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church


Performance produced by: Joel Clarkson, Kelly Norris, Erik Eklund, Karen McClain Kiefer, with supporting cast and choir


Exhibition artists: Dan Drage, Liz Crichton, Sherrill Keefe, Philip Wharton, Letizia Morley and friends


Crew List: Ewan Bowlby and assistants

Synopsis: The Transept - a group of practising artists within the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) - invites you to join us for a performance and exhibition that will offer space and time for celebration of and reflection on the notion of being called unexpectedly to something unknown, or perhaps to something all-too familiar. Artists will invite you to examine with them what happens after the call. There will be an exhibition of artwork showcased throughout the festival, which is open from 12pm – 5pm each day, and an interactive and interdisciplinary performance with music, poetry and monologues on 11th April at 7pm.

1. What makes this event unique? After the Call is an interdisciplinary and interactive event that weaves together different art forms which all share a theme.

2. Why did you choose your venue? Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a hub of the community, located at the transept of the university and the town, making it a true ‘town and gown’ location. The Rector, Reverend Professor Trevor Hart, is also the co-founder of ITIA, further connecting this location to the university, and to the arts.

3. What was the inspiration behind putting on this event/show? The works grew out of the theme of ‘annunciation’ – of receiving and responding to a call, and was inspired by the Annunciation passage in Scripture.  Artists have explored various ideas within this theme such as acceptance, promise, surprise, waiting, becoming, and even disappointment.  The Transept and associated artists wish to share with the community our passion for the arts, and how they can be used in a theological context.

4. What should people look out for? Anticipate small moments that inspire, make you laugh, and make you think.   

5. What challenges have you faced? Articulating into words what is best communicated using other media.

6. What three words best sum up your show? Interdisciplinary, immersive, inspiring.

Photo: ‘Still, doing dishes’, Dan Drage

Photo: ‘Still, doing dishes’, Dan Drage

Photo: Dan Drage

Photo: Dan Drage

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