Preview: Blood Wedding


Theatre Editor Elsa Klein sat down with the directors of Blood Wedding to give audiences a hint of what they will see on stage this weekend:


Blood Wedding, as directed by Krishna Patel and Monte Picado, is set to be a heartfelt, moving piece that explores romance and marriage at a particularly dramatic wedding. Look forward to a strong ensemble performance drawing on elements of traditional Spanish dance and clothing and a deep look at the social expectations that surround our lives.

What is this show about?

Krishna: This is a play about the way people have to play different roles in society, and they’re forced to basically put on a façade, to play a character even for those that they are close to and they love. The story itself is based in Spain in the 1930s and we have tried to keep as close culturally to that period as we can. The focus is more so on the lives of the rural people of Spain during that time and there’s quite a bit of emphasis on the gypsies in areas around Granada.

Montse: Yes, there is this story with a bride and her relationships, but really the play is not so much about the plot as it is about the social constructions and the social dynamics that are playing out between the characters.

Why did you choose this show?

Krishna:  We wanted to do something a little more traditional, and this show is very much contemporary realistic theatre, but incorporate really interesting techniques and styles. Blood Wedding has a lot of nonrealism, a lot of fantastical elements, that are really fun to see on stage.

Montse: This show is very visually compelling. There are a lot of things happening that I don’t think are often explored in theatre in St Andrews. But I also think it is a very socially important play, I think there are a lot of patterns and behaviours that—even though this was written in the 1930s—we still see all around us today. It might not be in the same words and about the same exact things, but there are still so many boxes and ways that you are supposed to be, and quite often people don’t fit into those boxes. I think there is a lot of fluidity in who people are, and this show I think really captures that idea.

What should audiences be most excited to see on stage this weekend?

Krishna:  Again, this show is very visual. There are a lot of really cool things happening with dance and movement. We are using elements of flamenco and Spanish culture, which will be really wonderful to see.

Montse: I think one of the most significant parts of this show is really seeing this whole ensemble together. The cast is so incredibly talented and we feature these big ensemble moments and every single actor is working so well together. It’s really amazing to see.

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