Preview: 'Attempts on Her Life'

Show: Attempts On Her Life

Organization: Sonder Theatre

Date: 31/3/2017

Time: 7:30pm

Venue: The St.Age


Cast List:

1. Mishia Leggettx

2. Jared Liebmiller

3. Jen Grace

4. Angus James Russell

5. Helena Jacques-Morton

6. AJ Brennan

7. Ebe Bamgboye

8. Amy Chubb

9. Krisztina Pakozdy

10. Seb Allum

11. Caitlin Morris

12. Benji Osugo

13. Shonagh Smith

14. Zoe Voice

15. Rose Macaulay


With original music by Amy Hill


Crew List:

Director: Joanna Bowman

Producers: Laura Antone & Hanna Lawson

Publicity: Francesca Ffiske

Technician: Alice McDougall



Attempts to describe her?
Attempts to destroy her? 
Or attempts to destroy herself?
Is Anne the object of violence?
Or its terrifying practitioner? 

Martin Crimp’s 1997 play, Attempts On Her Life remains one of the most successful examinations and deconstructions of modern identities and obsessions on stage. From pornography to ethnic violence and terrorism to unprotected sex, there’s something for everyone. 

Following five star runs in St Andrews and Edinburgh, this will be Sonder Theatre’s final production in St Andrews. Join us for pretension, an exposure of the mechanics of theatre, confetti canons, and maybe some fun.


ST.ART: What makes this show unique?

Crimp’s play is bizarre and strange and thought-provoking and weird and annoying and interesting. If there’s an adjective you can think of, you can probably apply it to the play. Some people will hate it and others will love it – we want to get audiences chatting. We have also assembled a truly brilliant cast, featuring the final performances of several Mermaids stalwarts. So, in terms of the acting, the quality is assured.


ST.ART: Why did you choose your venue?

We are doing something a little bit odd with the staging of the show, and so we wanted to have a venue that would suit this. The seating rack in The St.Age allows us to have a bit of fun with the relationship between the audience and the actors.


ST.ART: What was the inspiration behind putting on this show?

We haven’t seen any Martin Crimp in the four years we have been in St Andrews, which is surprising considering what a fantastic, controversial, and interesting playwright he is.


ST.ART: What should people look out for while watching the show?

The play will be better if the audience comes with no expectations. Expect something odd and different to plays you’ve seen before in St Andrews.


ST.ART: Which three words best sum up your show?

A bit twatty.

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