Preview: 'Ant Farm'

Preview: Ant Farm with Free-Range Chicken and Other Stories


Dates of Performance: 31/03/2017 - 01/04/2017

Time: 6pm

Venue: Barron Theatre


Cast List:

1.     Lauren Coulter

2.     Paddy Cavanagh

3.     Tom Caruth

4.     Bryn Jackson-Farrer

5.     Sophia Anderson

6.     Kary Stevick

7.     Eloise Lobenthal

8.     Caroline Mckechnie

9.     Minoli De Silva


Crew List:

1.     Sophie Samuda

2.     Anna South

3.     Alasdair Bird



The show consists of around 35 sketches written by the brilliant Simon Rich (Saturday Night Live writer and former president of The Harvard Lampoon) which enquire into topics such as whether relationship coupons have expiry dates, a child’s reaction to getting their first calculator, and how his mother imagines the police.


ST.ART: What makes this show unique?

It took two years to source the rights for this show, but while the content is fantastically written, it was not initially written for the stage. The show therefore finds a balance between hilarious content (as written by Mr Rich), and a bunch of ragtag students attempting to convert it for the stage.


ST.ART: Why did you choose the Barron as your venue?

The Barron offers an intimate space which suits comedy, as it creates an environment where the audience can be close to the action.


ST.ART: What was the inspiration behind putting on this show?

A few years ago, one of my friends gave me a copy of Ant Farm. It made me giggle and laugh. Whilst at home that summer, I found out that my elder brother had the second book written by Simon Rich, Free-Range Chicken. My friend thought it would be a great idea to turn the sketches into a show. However, she unfortunately left the university before we had a chance to do this together. Therefore, as a fun, commemorative way to celebrate our friendship whilst making everyone laugh (I hope!), I have sourced the rights and put together what I think is a fantastic cast and show.


ST.ART: What should people look for while watching the show?

I always love getting more first years into plays. In this show, I have two: Bryn Jackson-Farrer and Kary Stevick. They are both excellent, and I would also say that the entire cast is fantastic.


ST.ART: What challenges have you faced?

Obtaining the rights. It took two years…


ST.ART: Which three words best sum up your show?

Hopefully, organized chaos.

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