Come with Me: A Collection of Short Plays - Part 6

ST.ART has compiled its first experimental dramatic writing collection to bring you Come with Me.  Five playwrights from St Andrews, Stirling, and DePaul University (Chicago, USA) have collaborated to write a short series of one-page plays. The only rule was that every play had to begin with the line “Come with me.” The result is a wide range of creative interpretations, tones, and situations. This is the sixth play in the cycle. 

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By Connor Bredbeck


MYSELF: Come with me.

ME: No. Ok. Maybe.

MYSELF: You forgive too quickly.

ME: No I don’t. I don’t see anything wrong with forgiveness.

MYSELF: You get trampled and shat on. Forgiveness is another way of giving in…

ME: Or compromise. Emotional compromise…

MYSELF: You’re emotionally compromised.

ME: Comprised…yes. Emotionally comprised, and…

MYSELF: Collected? No, all you’ve collected are years baggage.

ME: Memories.

MYSELF: They’re baggage, trash.

ME: Then what are you?

MYSELF: The trash collector?

ME: So, what? My memories are trash to you.

MYSELF: Define trash.

ME: Useless items. You.

MYSELF: Why have memories? Why dwell on the past when it can’t help you.You think you're prepared for the future?

ME: I’ve spent the past twenty-four years preparing…so yeah, I would say so. Done a pretty good job of surviving too…

MYSELF: And when you were kid, you felt prepared for everything the world had to break upon your back?

ME: Where you have everything wrong is that you think you can prepare for your future. Fuck that. You have no clue what’s going to happen in the next five years, or month or second that’s ahead of you. How do you prepare for the unknown?

MYSELF: Isn’t that why we’re living?

ME: Why I’m living…you, I don’t know. It seems you only exist to taunt me.

MYSELF: To protect you.

ME: From what?

MYSELF: From yourself.

ME: How ironic.

MYSELF: I am not the problem.

ME: Then why are you the cause of all of them.

MYSELF: You tell me…fuck you.

ME: Fuck you.

MYSELF: Fuck you.

ME: Fuck you.

MYSELF: Ice cream?

ME: Donuts.


ME: Meenie


ME: Moe

MYSELF: Catcha

ME: Tiger

MYSELF: By the

ME: Toe


ME: Hollers

MYSELF: Let him

ME: Fuck it, let’s get ice cream.

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