Come with Me: A Collection of Short Plays - Part 4

ST.ART has compiled its first experimental dramatic writing collection to bring you Come with Me. Five playwrights from St Andrews, Stirling, and DePaul University (Chicago, USA) have collaborated to write a short series of one-page plays. The only rule was that every play had to begin with the line “Come with me.” The result is a wide range of creative interpretations, tones, and situations. This is the fourth play of the cycle.

Man Ray, picture sourced from

Man Ray, picture sourced from



By Elsa Klein

Nurse stands centre stage holding a clipboard. Scribbles something down and then walks briskly off stage. 

NURSE: Come with me now, please, Marisa. The doctor will see you now.

Nurse leads Marisa on stage. Another nurse pushes on a hospital bed and gestures for her to sit. Both nurses exit.

Marisa looks directly at the person in the audience sitting front row centre.

MARISA:  Hello, sir/madam.

Marisa slowly looks around the whole room/entire audience. Begins to look slightly more worried.

MARISA: I’m sorry…I just…I didn’t realise there would be so many of you. I only have a cough…

Waits for the audience to respond.

MARISA: Is this some kind of experiment?


The end of the play will depend on whether the doctor speaks.

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