The Room: What an Experience!

By: Lily Ratcliff

Having heard mainly negative and comical remarks about Tommy Wiseau's The Room (2009), to be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect before seeing the student production of The Room: The Musical, inspired by the film. However, much to my surprise, I would say that it was one of the funniest and most watchable productions I have seen in my three years at St Andrews.

Proving to be a popular choice with many students, there was an extremely high demand for tickets that required two performances, both of which completely sold out. The hype on social media surrounding the play; the constant plastering of the event on people’s Facebook walls and the image of Wiseau’s face being everywhere for almost a week, happened to be highly successful. However, it was the small touches that made this play so memorable. From the plastic spoon tickets to the hilarious programmes mocking Wiseau; this production, in my opinion, was more than a musical but actually an ‘experience’, as it had been marketing to be.

The brilliant caricature performances of all ‘our favourite characters’, particularly the characterisations of Johnny and Mark were brilliant. Even The Flower Shop Lady, a minor role in the musical, was a superb singer and added comedic depth to moments of absolute nonsense. The fact that the production team only had a badly-made film to work with and was able to create an engaging, humorous and quite-well written musical, is impressive.

It would have been very easy to make an absolutely shamble of a musical, and completely create a laughing stock, due to the fact that the original plot of the film is so easy to ridicule. Nevertheless, this production took the absurd and laughable and created an original piece that left the entire room bursting into giggles.

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