Here’s Why You Should Be Following: Bonnie Parker


By Tom Kennedy

I was first introduced to BONNIE PARKER a couple of months back during an exhaustive state of seemingly endless online artists. It seemed as if every new-age Twitter ‘icon’ had released a new ‘bop’ that truly ‘broke the barriers’ of pop. Everyone wanted to be the next Slayyyter; however, I was instead force-fed gimmicky, bubblegum pop that left me with nothing but a migraine.

With only three singles, alt-pop powerhouse, BONNIE PARKER, has amassed a total of 13.841 monthly Spotify listeners.

With only three singles, alt-pop powerhouse, BONNIE PARKER, has amassed a total of 13.841 monthly Spotify listeners.

Flashforward to my introduction of Mr. Parker: I was extremely hesitant to take a listen. I feared that he was going to sound like the rest. I feared that I would lose three and a half minutes of my life. But like all terrible book enthusiasts, I judged him on his cover art.

After laying my eyes upon the beauty of Bonnie’s covers, I was instantly transcended into a glossy, fantastical realm of mainstream media’s favorite genre. Thus, I began my journey into the phenomenal world of: BONNIE PARKER.

Upon discovering his page on Spotify, I was instantly intrigued by his single “Body”, whose cover depicts Parker all glossed-up in an outfit that would make any 70s flower girl squeal. Parker overcomes the taboo topic of male flamboyance through his luscious blonde wig and vibrant, red sunglasses. However, what lies deepest in throughout the entire process of Parker’s “Body” is a message that is oh-so-dear to the hearts of many in the gay community. Often, members of the LGBT are corrupted by the over-reliance on hook-up culture. Parker, on the other hand, speaks out against this phenomenon and professes a love for someone that goes way beyond physical. If you are looking for a song that will bring you wholesomeness and a break from the superficiality of hook-up culture, this is a song for you.

Further along into my Parker journey, I approached his second single: “History”. With slight inspiration from Soccer Mommy, Parker performs his greatest vocal performance to date. An uplifting ballad about progressing through life and moving on from one’s past, he speaks dearest from his heart and instills a nostalgic exhibition to all listeners. “History” is the perfect tune when you are in need of letting go. Although difficult to move on, Parker ensures that it is a natural, healthy process…and he is here to help.


Our journey concludes with sentimental banger, “Jason”, in which Parker presents a powerful love story with a slight twist. Parker sings about his relationship with hot-shot-in-the-closet-small-town-superstar, Jason. This right here, folks, is Parker’s crowd-pleaser. Ensured to be played as the finale in his future shows, he lets us know that he is here to stay. With similarities to HAIM, The Kooks, and even Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”, Parker brings it home with a certified cult classic. “Jason” is the finale of a 90s teen movie that leaves you in both tears and laughter. The sheer satisfaction in “Jason” alone will keep you listening. Parker has proved that he is capable of making infectious alt-pop singles. For an all-around, traditional tune, “Jason” will certainly satisfy the cravings of a near-perfect anthem.

For those that are searching for a new artist that provides wholesome, creative material, I cannot recommend BONNIE PARKER enough. By his ability to connect with any listener, Mr. Parker provides material that does not disappoint. I can guarantee that he will most definitely be everywhere in a couple of years. Thus, the best way to familiarize yourself with the future of great music, I recommend that you, too, start your journey with BONNIE PARKER.


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