... Of the Week: Bonobo

By: Tom Hurst

Welcome to "... Of the Week": a new ST.ART segment centring around a different, recently discovered album each week.

Bonobo (Simon Green, an English artist and DJ) released Migration on 13th January 2017, via the label Ninja Tune, as his sixth studio album. It has received mixed reviews, but is generally accepted as a sophisticated highpoint of his career, following the release of The North Borders in 2013, and Black Sands in 2010.

I came across the album via the 11th track, "7th Sevens", an ambient electronic composition.

Online art and music magazine When We Dip (a recommended follow on SoundCloud for any electronic music fans) run a series called Prima Lux; their February 21st edition featured "7th Sevens" as the first song in a set put together by rising Montreal artist, Adriēn.


See below for links to Migration, Adriēn’s edition of the "Prima Lux" series, and a 2017 DJ set by Bonobo.




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