... Of the Week: Kera Rhion

By: Tom Hurst

Kera Rhion – B4:21

Kera Rhion released her album B4:21 in March of 2015. She is a Detroit-based, up-and-coming rapper and producer. The album is full of simplistic, vibezy instrumentals, coupled with poignant lyrics, keeping it interesting throughout. It is important and exciting witnessing the ever-increasing influence and prevalence of female rappers. The album even features a track named after one of Rhion’s inspirations, Lil Kim.

Uploaded to SoundCloud, and available for purchase via the Bandcamp website, the 20-year-old artist has released an album alongside her own caption "I wrote EVERY song on this tape. No features.No cursing. Here’s to real music/hip hop."

I came across B4:21 through the 6th track, "Waddup Sean", which appeared in the related tracks, provided by SoundCloud, for Mick Jenkins’ "Aurora Borealis". 

About B4:21: "I wrote my ENTIRE mixtape by myself. I thought it was important to release it before I I turned 21. Everything on this tape is real and important.Hope you all can relate." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLFTPxjpirU&list=PLyrnbeuB3vn1JcEeXhpX-tgFukenuG5bU&index=3)

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