... Of the Week: Sorry About Last Night


By: Tom Hurst

This week I am sticking with the theme of contemporary R&B. However, now it is coming all of the way from California in the form of Rayana Jay’s first EP, Sorry About Last Night.

Released in 2016, this is 7 songs of true emotional limbo expressed through a fresh sound contributing to this new exciting wave of soul and hip-hop influenced R&B. The instrumentals are fruity and Rayana’s voice is beautiful; she is able to express perfectly the ‘questions’ that she felt she needed to ask; ‘why don’t you love me?’, ‘why do you call me so late?’, ‘why aren’t you mine?’

I came across Rayana through dvsn’s related artists, while listening to their new album Morning After. Coincidentally, Rayana has released a new EP, also entitled Morning After, which she describes as ‘a direct reflection of where I am in my life and my love life’.

See below for links to Rayana Jay’s SoundCloud which has both of these EPs available to listen to, as well as a link to dvsn’s Morning After.



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