ST.ART Your Week

By: Maddy Belton

With week two creeping its head round the bend and January signing off, I’m sure we can all feel the new year buzz wearing off. If you’re still dieting and at the gym I’m impressed, and if you’ve already committed yourself to the couch, I sympathise. This week, I thought I’d pull together some songs to refresh your re start button as we move into semester two.

The winter break saw an influx of new music with the happy return of Ed Sheeran and yet more Chainsmokers hits. But as much as the music we listen to changes, the new year doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be brand new. The playlist I’ve made for you today has a blend of old bangers - because I just can't resist a throwback - mixed in with new releases from artists. Hopefully there’s something there for everyone. So play them out, play them loud and hopefully you’ll find some motivation to get up and get going again - or to keep on going! 

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