ST.ART Listening

By: Maddy Belton

If you haven’t seen or heard, ST.ART is launching our latest issue, MIND X BODY, next week, with a launch party on 29th November at Spoiled. If you’re lucky enough to make it to our event on Tuesday, not only will you get to see glimpses of our issue and its truly incredible content (plus be able to purchase your own copy of our limited edition magazine- with only 100 issues being released!)whilst enjoying our unlimited alcohol from out very gracious sponsors (soon TBA), you will also get to hear some amazing music from some DJs making a name for themselves in The Bubble.

Both part of DON’T WALK’s newly envisioned music brand, Ferdinand Vermersch (DJ SKKRT COBAIN) and James Peel (DJ CONTENT), will have sets at our launch party. Honestly, they’re great, with some serious talent on display.  Skkrt Cobain’s cool mix of old favourites and fresh sounds combine to create clean feeling music, among which are his own inventions. The blends are beautiful, if you have time, just listen to his music on Soundcloud and let it wash over you, it will not disappoint. If you doubt me, or you want something to tease your appetite, then first, you need to hear his collaboration with Matilda Lucas- Sky Blush. If you’re still unconvinced (you won’t be, but you will want more) listen to Hov. and Do u. which start with some old favourites (hey Christina Aguilera), uniquely placed in what is a very current sound. 

James Peel is also a very talented musician; his collection holds no prisoners, its straight talking, and modern listening as his straight to the point name would have you expect. He gives you what he promises, good, solid content.  His playlists include the aptly named ‘good songs’ and the laid back, fun, ‘for you’. If Cobain’s music is a mindful collection, then Peel’s selection is one that has a bodily energy, that will wake you up form your day to day. 

Needless to say, they’re both amazing contributors to the growing music scene that encapsulates The Bubble. So come see them in action at our launch party (TICKETS NOW ON SALE), and in the meantime, get listening.


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