Not Another Ball

Interview with one of the creators of Szentek

By: Maddy Belton

Szentek arrives with the promise of a new scene, but what exactly is it all about?


With all the events in St Andrews, it can be hard to choose where to place your precious student loan for the newbies as much as for the veterans. This problem is made harder still when new events and societies keep popping up around town, tempting you away from the classics, for which demand is never ending and often overwhelming. This week, I spoke to one of the creators of Szentek, the new kids on the block, to figure out just what this new event has in store and why it could be just the thing to pop the bubble out of its comfort zone and into a whole new night out…


ST.ART: How and why did Szentek start?

Szentek: The idea was actually born in the middle of a night out in a ruin bar in Budapest. At the time, it was a tipsy idea, but when morning came round, I stuck with it and brought it home with me. I’m glad that I stumbled across the ruin bar; it was a very inspiring place.


ST.ART: What does the name mean? / Why did you pick that name?

Szentek: I wanted the name to be Hungarian, so I Google-translated some words in English into Hungarian - who knew 'saints' would sound as cool in Hungarian as 'Szentek'? I didn't choose it because it meant 'saints' but actually just because the word 'Szentek' worked for me. It felt very right.


ST.ART: What can guests expect form event?

Szentek: Pure down to earth fun. A unique experience. Szentek is just 100% about having a good time. Come as you like, no dress codes. Be surrounded by incredible music and all kinds of visually strange and wonderful pieces. Just lose yourself in it. That's what the ruin bar is about.


ST.ART: Why is Szentek different form other events at st Andrews?

Szentek: Hmm... I mean how is it the same? It's completely original in the sense of the wide range of music we are going to offer and the ruin bar experience. There are very few events that are completely without any pretension. Szentek is not going to feel like a night out in St Andrews. Actually the whole concept is born from this feeling I had in this ruin bar where I came up with the idea. I felt so far away from all things serious and mundane. The surroundings were confusing; it was like falling down the rabbit hole and then just landing on your feet and dancing the night away, with everyone around you looking like the happiest people on the planet. It's an escape. A very, very fun escape.


ST.ART: What are your top 5 songs on the playlist and why? 

Szentek: I love the Mura Masa tracks, also the Sambal Mix with Purple Disco Machine. It's so funky. And I am obsessed with the track 'Chunky'. It's probably my favourite. 


ST.ART: The dress code says casual, what do you mean by this? What kind of vibe should people go for?

Szentek: Anything you want! Literally. Come as you want and just be. Simple as. If that means wearing jeans jumping about in your trainers or if you want to wear a pastel pink wig and platforms, then do. You are encouraged to be comfortable, whatever that means for you - there are no rules. 


ST.ART: What inspired the creation of the event? 

Szentek: Being out in this bar in Budapest and thinking, 'St Andrews should have a bar like this.'


ST.ART: Why should I come to Szentek?

Skentek: Because it will be a really good night out, not one to miss in my opinion. 


ST.ART: Is this event only for people who like techno/underground music? 

Szentek: No. That's exactly why there are two sound zones - we want there to be a sound for everyone. All genres are played in a ruin bar, so that’s what we want to deliver, too. 


ST.ART: Is this an attempt to reinvent the niche events in St Andrews? 

Szentek: Sure we want to offer something different. The idea was born from one thing- a huge inspiration from the ruin bar district in Budapest that I wanted to bring home with me. It just so happened that this is a very different concept from the other events in our town, so I guess it does stand out for that reason. I would say balls are pretty niche in any other city, but it's the other way around in our town, which is funny. I'm just evening up the scales. I think St Andrews students are due something a bit different. 


ST.ART: Which act are you most looking forward to? 

Szentek: Hmm there is an act I'm very much looking forward to. I just can't tell you who that is yet.


ST.ART: Contemporary art is a big feature of your event how does that play into the scene you’re trying to create and the overall experience of the guests? 

Szentek: Like I said, there is this feeling in the ruin bar that you have fallen down the rabbit hole, everything turns on its head and it's an escape from day to day boringness. It's a time to embrace the weird and whacky stuff you see and to drink and dance. I want the art to set that feeling, that the night is about letting go and simply enjoying yourself, no seriousness. 


ST.ART: Describe Szentek in three words.

Szentek: Eccentric, unique and fun.


Needless to say, the committee are coming into this event with fresh eyes and fresh sounds to shape up what looks to be a pretty unique St Andrews event.

So if you like what you’re reading, seeing and hearing, head over to the Vic from 1-4pm on Friday 7th October where tickets will be available at £30. Szentek will also be announcing their headline act! Tickets will also be available online from Friday.


All images courtesy of Szentek.

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