Celluloid Kiss

By: Mercedes Weidmer

Some of the best moments in film history are the kisses; those ones that you’ve been waiting for for almost two hours, the ones the whole movie is leading up to, the ones that get you choking on your popcorn you’re so happy.  Make no mistake, they aren’t all the same either! There’s the….

  • Classic Old Hollywood kiss that almost looks acrobatic for those leading ladies with their heads tilting back so very far. 
  • Messy but romantic in-the-rain kisses.
  • Ross and Rachel’s melt-into-each-other kisses. 
  • Awkwardly-adorable strangers kisses. 

They all make up our cultural memory of THE KISS! 

So, this Valentine’s Day, lets go back and revisit our favorite celluloid kisses. 

Note: these are in chronological order, as not offend anyone in the ranking of all-time bests. If you think we’ve missed one – comment! 


Gone With the Wind (1939)

Directed by: Victor Fleming, George Cukor, Sam Wood

Starring: Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh


Casablanca (1942)

Directed by: Michael Curtiz 

Starring: Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman


Notorious (1946)

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock

Starring: Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman


The Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Directed by: Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske

Starring the voices of: Larry Roberts & Barbara Luddy


Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Directed by: Blake Edwards

Starring: George Peppard & Audrey Hepburn


Romeo & Juliet (1968)

Directed by: Franco Zeffirelli

Starring: Leonard Whiting & Olivia Hussey


The Princess Bride (1987)

Directed by: Rob Reiner

Starring: Cary Elwes & Robin Wright


When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Directed by: Rob Reiner

Starring: Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan


Ghost (1990)

Directed by: Jerry Zucker

Starring: Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore


 Pretty Woman (1990)

Directed by: Gary Marshall

Starring: Richard Gere & Julia Roberts


 Friends (1994)

Created by: David Crane & Marta Kauffman

Starring (kiss): David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston


 Titanic (1997)

Directed by: James Cameron

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet


 Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

Directed by: Sharon Maguire

Starring: Colin Firth & Renée Zellweger


 Spider Man (2002)

Directed by: Sam Raimi
Starring: Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst


 Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2003)

Created by: Joss Whedon

Starring (kiss): James Masters & Sarah Michelle Gellar


 The Notebook (2004)

Directed by: Nick Cassavetes

Starring: Ryan Reynolds & Rachel McAdams


 Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Directed by: Ang Lee

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger


 20 Strangers Kiss For The First Time (2014)

Happy Valentines Day! 

All gifs were sourced from GIPHY. 

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