Closet Confidential: Sophia Dearie

The Effortlessly Chic World Traveler

Article by: Soph Penelope Hill

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There is no one cooler at the University of St. Andrews than Sophia Dearie. She is the type of girl who pulls off a bucket hat unironically, knows where to get the perfect brunch in Copenhagen, and would help you get spinach out of your teeth at the Met Gala if you needed to. I have basically had a girl crush on her ever since we met working on a project for ST.ATION (the school’s TV station) and I loved her sense of style. You know when you see someone who really knows themselves and expresses that through clothing? That’s Sophia. I felt like I already knew her by the way she dressed, and I wanted to know how her unique, confidently eccentric style developed. I sat down with her to talk about hot Scandinavians, Cool Girl Instagrammers, and the importance of silk scarves.

Sophia is a classic St. Andrean in the sense that she is from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Her story begins in the glitz and glamor of Singapore where she was born. From that point on, she continued to move all over the world, from Kentucky and the Czech Republic to London, before finally settling in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is where she calls home now, and she sometimes adopts the quintessential Aussie accent, even though she seems American from an outsider’s perspective. Sophia’s family is a colorful mix of English, Scottish, and Spanish.

A world map which you can find in Sophia’s room.

A world map which you can find in Sophia’s room.

With all of this exposure to international influences, Sophia has become somewhat of a street-style scouter. Instead of relying on magazines to dictate her fashion inspo, observing pedestrians rocking their chic ensembles proves to be just as useful. She learned to utilize really classic pieces, and invest in items that last, instead of simply buying a multitude of things to fit a trend. Although she doesn’t intend to, Sophia likes to shop when she travels. But I mean, who doesn’t? She regaled me with a story about a time she bought a scarf and got locked out of her Airbnb for hours… in the snow… at night… without anywhere to go. The scarf kept her warm and she now refers to it as “The Scarf That Saved My Life.” It’s these kinds of personal touches and connections to her clothing that truly make them the fabric of her life.

“The Scarf That Saved Sophia’s Life”

“The Scarf That Saved Sophia’s Life”

ManRepeller has also proven to be her fashion bible, allowing her to discover new designers and outfit ideas in an approachable and attainable way. When I asked Sophia how she would describe her style, she highlighted the fact that she looks for comfort and wearability in clothing. This is proven by her love of Scandinavian fashion and the ease with which it is worn. She also explained how she loves the French aesthetic, of wearing just a t-shirt and jeans but making it look so timeless and classy. Camille Charrière, a French model and influencer, inspired her to buy a trench coat to throw over this denim look, and Bella Hadid, who sometimes proves to be a little bit out-there in terms of her outfits, accentuates accessories in a way that caught Sophia’s eye. Also, Sophia loves the color black, because who doesn't love the look of a full black outfit?

Top: Camille Charrière photographed in Notting Hill. Instagram: @CamilleCharriere; Middle: One of Sophia’s denim staples; Bottom: Bella Hadid in Tokyo modelling Dior’s new collection designed by Kim Jones.

One thing I took away from this conversation is that Sophia doesn’t take herself too seriously, even though she looks seriously good all the time. She looks for confidence, and she finds it in how other people wear clothes, as well as in what makes herself feel confident. If you can look like you’re having the most fun in the room and feel like you’re having the most fun in the room, then everything will look fabulous on you. Sophia isn’t interested in playing into someone else’s rules of style. She is making her own, and we are all here watching admirably from the sidelines.

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