Closet Confidential: Jane Lau

Redefining the Ultimate British Cool Girl

By: Sophie Hill

We live in a fashionable town. The streets are catwalks, the library is a fashion exhibit, and a night out is equivalent to a red-carpet. People care about how they dress here, for better or for worse. Instead of trying to fight this notion that having an interested in fashion is shallow or subversive, I am curious about why people dress the way they do. We all have to put clothes on in the morning, and it’s those choices that I think really say more about us than we realise. My goal with this column is to explore different people’s closets around town and talk to them about the development of personal style. If you are interested in being interviewed, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My email is or message me on facebook at Soph Penelope Hill. 


Jane Lau is someone whose style I have admired from afar practically since I got to this university. We were in halls together but failed to ever really interact, until we fatefully met one night helping a random stranger passed out on the street while trying to find his way home. A classic St Andrews meeting. But even then, Jane looked effortlessly cool in her clear-framed glasses and perfectly tailored culottes. Since then, her style has continued to impress and surprise me with its uniqueness and originality. I sat down with her to discuss her inspirations, while she graciously toured me through her closet to show me her favorite pieces.


In developing her own interpretations of style, Jane prefers the path of dressing with extreme personal expression. She isn’t a trend follower, but isn’t opposed to incorporating fads if they are suitable and fitting. She has various niche designer brand items, but isn't afraid to sleuth around the High Street for a classic piece to round out a look every now and again. Taking street style influence from her native Hong Kong, and now London homestead, she gathers a lot of her style cues from the concrete catwalk. Noting the gorgeous glamazon Camille Rowe as a major influence, Jane is a fan of a classic sneaker/Levi’s Jean/white T-shirt combo. She aims for stylish grace, infused with pops of personality.

Speaking of culottes, they are one of Jane’s classic calling cards. As she’s a smaller, shorter frame, the cropped pant is a fashion statement that Jane has taken into her wheelhouse and spun into a go-to item. This is, I believe, Jane’s secret talent. She can take an uncommon item, and re-work it into something everyone would want to wear. After showing me a few vintage t-shirts and couple of cozy jackets, so proclaimed to me that “Mustard was having a moment.” One of her most treasured items is a mustard puffer coat, which I often see her walking around in; somehow making it look new and exciting every time.

As she showed me little bits and bobs around her room, she walked me through a colourful and coordinate photographic collage she organised on her wall. She highlights a series of photographs from a Celine campaign shot by Jeurgen Teller. These photos have a solid primary color for the background and a photo of a model placed on top. Jane was drawn to this series because it focused solely on the clothes. No distractions. I was so impressed with the way in which she was able to express herself so clearly through this system of photos, and the ambiance reflected everything she needed it to. This translates into Jane’s style as well. Before you even speak to her, you understand her. For someone to communicate themselves so precisely and beautifully through clothing is truly an art form, and Jane has become a master artist. 


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