Preview: DONT WALK x BPM Music Collective Opening

Photo courtesy of DONT WALK 2018

Photo courtesy of DONT WALK 2018

As the remaining summer days dwindle down and a new academic year peeks its head around the corner, another Freshers’ Week promises to take the Bubble by storm, ready to welcome (and possibly destroy) returning and incoming students. Considered a kind of “rite of passage”, this week offers the best opportunity for all student-led societies, clubs and organisations to increase their visibility across campus and attract a fresh crop of members.

With so much happening - between fayres and give-it-a-go’s, reunion//catch-up drinks, late-night house parties and classic Union shenanigans (did someone say “Pablo”?) - how does a person possibly go about navigating that crazy calendar and prioritising one event invite over another? And how does one choose which event to go to considering its outcome is, unfortunately, always uncertain?

Lucky for the Bubble, there is one event that has managed to consistently avoid disappointment: the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show.  

For those fresh-faced, energetic (and untainted) freshers who aren’t familiar with DONT WALK, it is one of the most well-established, exciting fashion organisations our little yet mighty Fife community has to offer. Since its inception, DONT WALK has sought to elevate the tradition of runway shows from purely fashion to an immersive sensory experience and a dynamic, multimedia art performance. Always providing equal amounts of style and fun to those attending, DONT WALK aims to, as the committee states, “dissolve boundaries between art, fashion and entertainment” whilst raising funds for charity - over £240,000, to be exact.

Kicking off the 2017/18 academic year with an impressive start, the organisation will host their first event on Wednesday 13 September, to which everyone is invited: “DONT WALK x BPM Music Collective Opening”.

So, why should you put this event at the top of your Freshers' Week “to-do” list (and tick it off)? I’ll give you the run-down.

Always up to their (impeccably and admirably high) standards, DONT WALK has planned the ultimate double event worth staying up for (and one that won’t break your bank). From 6pm onwards, guests are first welcomed at the Adamson for a relaxed cocktail evening, free of entry. A blind-tasting upon arrival followed by a complementary Grappa Negroni for every attendee… an exclusive DONT WALK £5 cocktail menu… a pop-up tasting by a soon-to-be-revealed spirit vendor… well, guess it goes without saying: delicious drinks that’ll make your (alcoholic) taste buds tingle? Check.

Whilst mingling and enjoying their drinks, guests will enjoy live entertainment featuring two musical acts (TBA): an acoustic performer followed by a DJ set spanning both jazz and blues. Eclectic mixes of music that guarantee something for everyone? Check.

But as usual with DONT WALK, the night doesn't end without a little something extra (much less before midnight). Later in the evening, guests are invited to the Vic where the second half of the night will commence. For a mere £5 at the door, BPM Collective Music in collaboration with DONT WALK promise a night of head-bobbing beats and bangin’ anthems that will entice you to get a piece of that dancefloor action. Multiple bars stocked full of alcohol? Check. Sensational DJ sets? Check. An excuse to let your hair down and show off those killer moves you’ve been practicing all summer? Huge check.

DONT WALK’s highly anticipated double event offers the perfect night out that pleases everyone: the opportunity to mingle and get to know unfamiliar faces, to enjoy great drinks and even better company and to relish that first-week-back-in-the-Bubble energy, all while supporting such an unbelievable charity organisation.

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Check out images of DONT WALK 2017 for a look of last year's show:

Photography by Alex Massek and assisted by Sammi Ciardi on behalf of Ampersand Media

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