ST.ART x Label Collaborative Photoshoot

Words By: Ileana Livingston

ST.ART Magazine is excited to release our photoshoot collaboration with Label displaying the diverse and eclectic spirit that defines the show. 

Label is a new fashion show in our town, aimed at celebrating and showcasing the diverse student body that makes up St Andrews. Label's mission is to redefine what is expected of a fashion show and what it means to be beautiful by bringing all kinds of people into the spotlight. Through design and the narrative of a fashion show, Label promotes individual expression and self exploration and focuses on issues relating to gender, mental health, physical diversity and sexual identity.  

Our aim with the photo shoot, as a member of the design team, Vienna Kim, states was to channel the eclectic, fun, and quirky spirit that is celebrated throughout the Label Fashion Show as whole. Each model wore an item of clothing of their own that they love and feel comfortable in, and we paired it with a designer item from the show to give a preview of what is to come at the event itself! The diverse range of models along with fun spirited nature of the Alice and Wonderland theme perfectly encompasses the boundary-pushing and quirky nature of Label as a fashion show.  

On April 14th 2016 Label will come to life at Club 601. Label’s founder Jo Boon tells us the show will showcase and promote the rich and diverse experiences of a wide range of people through fashion and performance. Olivia Ives, Label’s Head of Publicity, also adds that the show will celebrate the ways in which people create their identities and emphasizes that fashion is an art and performance for expression, and not an exclusive club accessible only to those who fit narrow ideals of beauty.  

Buy your tickets now and join Label in celebrating what it means to be beautiful- through diversity and self expression. 

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Photographer: Adrian Ngiam

Models: Rachel Ng, Mika Malouf, Bernie Munro, Marcell Komlosi, Rachael Hastie, Hannah Raymond Cox, Ane Gundersen, Chuck Jaco, Emily Caulton, Elizabeth Sweet, Natasha Sivanadan, Kara Gooding & Sean Carroll.