Model:  April Ma. Collage: Alysha Radia. 

Model: April Ma. Collage: Alysha Radia. 

Words by: Cordelia Diamond

ST.ART magazine is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Sitara* for the series: DECONSTRUCT.

DECONSTRUCT is reflective of the rich detail and intricacy of South Asian textiles and architectural embellishments. Just as South Asian artists work tirelessly to piece together these masterful works by hand, we work to deconstruct these elements and carefully reassemble them by hand in collage to express a creative union between Sitara*’s palace theme and a vibrant South Asian artistic history. Much like the eclectic and intricate walls of a Mahal (Palace), our photos can be presented as a whole but also deconstructed into many individual parts that stand on their own while working in harmony to form the overall design.

Together we integrated the Sitara* models with samples of South Asian architecture and design, creating a symbiotic relationship where one side does not dominate another, but rather both feed off of each other to express our vision of an artistically constructed world, piece by piece.


 Model: Cameron Martin. Collage: Neha Luthra.

Model: Cameron Martin. Collage: Neha Luthra.

 Model:  Dylan Suyama. Collage: Cordelia Diamond.

Model: Dylan Suyama. Collage: Cordelia Diamond.

 Model: Flannery Wise. Collage: Alysha Radia.

Model: Flannery Wise. Collage: Alysha Radia.

 Model:  Mohit Seth. Collage: Cordelia Diamond.

Model: Mohit Seth. Collage: Cordelia Diamond.

 Model:  Toby Mitchell. Collage: Illeana Livingston.  

Model: Toby Mitchell. Collage: Illeana Livingston.  

 Model:  Jaqueline Roepers. Collage: Neha Luthra.

Model: Jaqueline Roepers. Collage: Neha Luthra.

 Model:  Stephanie Uhlmann. Collage: Neha Luthra. 

Model: Stephanie Uhlmann. Collage: Neha Luthra. 




Creative Direction: Sitara* Head of Creaive Alysha Radia and ST.ART Editorial Team members Neha Luthra and Cordelia Diamond

Photography: Davis McCutcheon

Collage: Cordelia Diamond, Ileana Livingston, Alysha Radia, Neha Luthra.

Models: Mohit Seth, Dylan Suyama, Flannery Wise, April Ma, Stephanie Uhlmann, Cameron Martin, Jaqueline Roepers, Toby Mitchell.


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