Illustration by Cordelia Diamond

Illustration by Cordelia Diamond

Fashion Sub Editor, Cordelia Diamond, discusses the recent yeezy show and shows us her favourite looks.


There has been a lot of talk about Kanye’s debut show for Yeezy season three taking place in Madison Square Garden last thursday. With over 18,000 people in attendance and the preview of not only the new iteration of his Yeezy line, but also his new album “The Life of Pablo,” riding on this event— Ye was definitely under pressure to live up to expectations. And live up to them he did.

In typical Yeezy show fashion, the sea of diverse models stood stoically in the center of the Madison Square Garden stadium, standing with their gazes pointed forward and their backs held high as they displayed the glory of Kanye’s design gospel. (This staging was developed in collaboration with famous and controversial artist Vanessa Beecroft with whom Kanye has worked with frequently in the past.) Amina Blue, a famous German and Pakistani model who reached internet fame last year as a result of people taking notice of her after starring in Yeezy’s first show, made an appearance again— as did Naomi Campbell and Young Thug. Noticeably, Kylie Jenner, who has starred in the last two shows, sat this one out, her snapchat story from the night indicating that she opted to enjoy the show from backstage, prancing around with her sisters in blindingly glittery Balmain dresses and insanely voluptuous fur coats. Maybe she’s finally decided to let her sister Kendall Jenner take care of all the modelling, or maybe she just didn't want to stand stock still in the middle of a stadium for hours while thousands of people eyeballed her. Seriously, look at this list of (incredibly confusing!) guidelines for the Yeezy models, it’s absolutely ridiculous.


How can you not look “cool” when you’re dressed in Yeezy Season Three? And why is looking cool a bad thing? It’s incredibly meta-hipster for Yeezus to encourage his models not to look cool while wearing one of the coolest collections of the season to far.

All that aside, the general consensus on the event was positive and people enjoyed hearing Kanye’s commentary throughout the night as he DJed from a booth on the court and played some songs from his new album.

But the real star of the show, wasn’t the music or the staging, but the clothes. All of Ye’s eccentric Ye behaviour aside, the man can put together a really good collection. Season three echoed a lot of the things we saw in the last two seasons, clean lines and shapes, jumpsuits, earth tones, ragged chunky knit sweaters and a lot of street wear influence. However, there were also a lot of very futuristic looking jumpsuits and shapes, as well as one outfit with a puffy moon-rock coloured vest which almost looks like an astronaut’s loungewear, if the astronaut was fashion conscious (one of the many skills I’m sure NASA trains into them).

Illustration by Cordelia Diamond

Illustration by Cordelia Diamond

I decided to illustrate 4 of my favourite looks from the new collection, two men’s wear outfits and two women’s wear outfits, which are displayed on male and female models respectively, but in my opinion, are really quite unisex.

It seems clear that Kanye has established himself as an originator in the fashion industry, and we can only wait to see what he will come up with next.

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