Born in the Wrong Decade

By: Tessa Lillis 

Have you ever been told you were born in the wrong decade? Personally, I believe I’ve heard this phrase no less than thirty or so times in my life. People say I belong in the 1920s, or the 50s, or the 60s. This conclusion is neither based on my vocabulary nor my mannerisms, but the basis instead lies in one thing: my wardrobe.

Although it is usually difficult to find the root cause of one’s passions, I believe my ardor for vintage clothing stems from my mother. My exposure to fabulous Givenchy in Audrey Hepburn films or vintage photography in art books certainly left its mark. I strive to wear at least one “aged” article of clothing everyday, whether it is a pair of loafers, a tweed blazer, or a simple jumper. When I make these little additions to my wardrobe, there is this unstoppable wave of comfort and confidence that seems to wash over me which I know is based on the timeless aspect of these styles. Some may not appreciate it, but there absolutely is a reason why vintage fashion has been able to stand the test of time: the well-made and unique quality found in every single article. 

 Photo by:  Giovanni Giannoni

Photo by: Giovanni Giannoni

Even so, I will forever be grateful for the generation I was born into. I have no idea what I would do if I lived in a time where it was unheard of for females to wear trousers, to be perfectly honest. There are many aspects of our society today such as modern technology, a betterment of equality, and radical art that simply wouldn’t be accessible in another time. We as a society have the tendency to romanticise the past and fill our lives with nostalgia, thus not allowing ourselves to completely embrace the time we’re in. So, although I do feel comfort dressing in vintage pieces, there is a comfort that can be found in contemporary pieces of clothing as well. Mixing and matching styles, colliding something from the past and the present, can add a distinct sense of individuality to any wardrobe. 

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Through doing this, I have personally been able to find my true style. I am allowing my enthusiasm for Billie Holiday to Arctic Monkeys, Alfred Hitchcock to Sofia Coppola, and Matisse to Kemp to manifest itself in my wardrobe. I am revealing so much about myself through these mere articles that I choose, as can anyone. No matter how my tastes evolve as time passes though, vintage fashion will always be present. It will always be timeless. 

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