For You

By Rachel Brown


I want to run my mouth across yours, 

Slowly, definitely. 


My lips ache to explore you, caressing the 

Folds of your skin, 

Painting a landscape of emotion that 

Bleeds the colour of our love. 


My undeserving physical being desires you 

In the smallest, simplest of ways, 

Chests rising and falling as one, exhaling any worries, 

Our bodies a wave — folding, collapsing alive. 


It is then, nestled so humbly under your wing, 

That I find true peace, comfort. 

Our harmony resonates, our melody plays little discord: 

Tangible joy, illustrated adoration. 


In this completion of my whole self I see, you are mine, 

And I, yours. 


Seconds — elongated, exaggerated — and I become 

Longer, more of myself, in the minutes of your company. 


I stretch, allowing you everything so completely. 


I can see in your eyes, the pockets I inhabit, 

Occupying flickers of your very existence. 

The reflections of brown are telling. 


And with a look, in the same breath, 

I lose myself 

And find everything I could ever need. 


Hold it there: hold this eternally in the creases of your eyes, 

In etches of joy.

ST.ART Magazine