Beautiful One

I am searching for something,
Grasping in the dark at fallen, decayed fruits,
Blinded by billowing winds of sorrow and salt,
Deceived by ditches in the dark, dull despair of dread
Until, amongst my anxiety,
Led by licentiousness,
I fall upon you,
Beautiful one.

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Circus Ring

The haunting cackle of bells

Tease and torment the innocent.

Fidgeters and hiders are scattered

Surrounding the entrapping well below.

Sly snakes connive together,

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Unholy Confession

People have a strong misconception about prison. They go on what they see in those Hollywood movies: they think being sentenced for life causes this spiral into a restoration of morality. But not for me.

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Water stealing the air,                         

Like a precious jewel thief.

Empty and bereft,

I hear its mocking laugh.

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He takes one last look at her through the glass panel in the door before he leaves: he does this every night.

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