Circus Ring

The haunting cackle of bells

Tease and torment the innocent.

Fidgeters and hiders are scattered

Surrounding the entrapping well below.

Sly snakes connive together,

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Unholy Confession

People have a strong misconception about prison. They go on what they see in those Hollywood movies: they think being sentenced for life causes this spiral into a restoration of morality. But not for me.

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Water stealing the air,                         

Like a precious jewel thief.

Empty and bereft,

I hear its mocking laugh.

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Thoughts on the District Line

I can almost taste your lips when I think of you, the feel of your skin pulsating against mine.

The book in my hand paints landscapes of your face such that I cannot read the real words written.

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Black Wood

Moonlight beckons to its friends,

snakes start their hypnotising song

as they sharpen their teeth. 

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An invasion of auburn
seize the shadows,
commanding the explosions
of light to scatter. 

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Collar bones and routine and control.

One pear: a hundred and ten calories


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By Anonymous


I would like to believe one


when you forget me

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He takes one last look at her through the glass panel in the door before he leaves: he does this every night.

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Red Ribbon

If something strange and mysterious were to happen, I would never be so arrogant as to think such a thing could happen in my presence.

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