Over the past few years, the arts scene in St Andrews has risen, being made accessible to all through different publications, events and societies. Today, we have the pleasure to introduce a new St Andrews based art collective:

Georgina Marriott and Eliza Rennie // Co-Directors

Georgina Marriott and Eliza Rennie // Co-Directors

'Our name is northstreet.collective and we are two art history students from St Andrews that are interested in creativity across borders. The collective is united by a slightly obsessive love of art and aims to create a platform allowing creative discussion between young artists and creatives. We hope to create a body not defined by countries but by artistic endeavour, allowing art to act as a unifying tool within community and enabling the dissolving of national borders and ideological boundaries.

We have an upcoming exhibition in London entitled RENT’S DUE, where our 12 artists from places across Australia, the Middle East and Europe will present their works. The collection will explore how our identity is a site always under construction, and due to their diverse backgrounds and range of media we hope to trigger dialogue.'

Inclusivity in the art world is something that ST.ART Magazine has always hoped to offer since its creation, exploring different cultures and ideas through any medium and from any background. The northstreet.collective is an exciting project that we are eager to follow, and we hope you will be too.

Make sure to visit their website, and their Instagram, @northstreeet.collective.

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