Preview: On The Rocks Programme Launch


Review written by Matthew Midgett, photography by Mariah Dennis from Lightbox.

On March 8th, On The Rocks hosted their launch party at The Adamson. On The Rocks is the largest student-run arts festival in Scotland and has been taking over St Andrews since April 6th. Guests wore cocktail attire and enjoyed a live jazz band in the warm atmosphere of The Adamson. Programmes were fanned out on the tables and the bar which provided information about the myriad of events taking place. These programmes were professionally and creatively designed, a combination that should be expected from the festival. Musical sketches, a poetry slam, improv, an Iranian music workshop, beachcombing, many different plays and much more have been planned. Unfortunately, none of these events were showcased or previewed at the launch. Instead, it was a more social occasion. Other than the jazz band, there was little indication of the unique creativity On The Rocks showcases. 

While The Adamson gives off a more exclusive vibe, the reduced £5 cocktails made them more accessible to students. The signature On The Rocks cocktail that was made for the event was fantastic, as were the regular drinks from The Adamson menu. The space was slightly cramped and it would have been difficult to do any sort of performance, so perhaps next year the committee should consider a venue that allows for more flexibility. 

There was also a raffle giving away signed Joanna Lumley merchandise and free tickets to various events. It is impressive that this student-run arts festival has the backing of celebrities such as Lumley, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, and Sean Connery. Again, On The Rocks is an exciting blend of student-made DIY creativity and professionalism. 

Overall, it was a fun night which made one excited for the actual festival, but more could have been done to incorporate the creativity that is currently being showcased. 

ST.ART Magazine