Exhibition: Momentum 9, "Alienation"

Momentum, the Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, has announced the theme for its ninth edition: Alienation. Being the oldest international biennial of contemporary art within the Nordic region, Momentum has become established as one of the most exciting platforms for contemporary art.

By alienation, the curators refer to a contemporary world where alien processes and entities are becoming an integrated part of our lives through technological, ecological and social transformations. We encounter and engage with the alien every day.

MOMENTUM 9 aims to present diverse and conflicted ways of experiencing, explaining and imagining the world anew.

Some historical pioneers, such as the highly renowned “Alien” character designer H.R. Giger, will have his less explored futuristic furniture designs exhibited. The duo Atelier Cyberspace who even coined the term “cyberspace” itself, Susanne Ussing (1940-1998) and Carsten Hoff (1934- ) will also be amongst the 30 international contributors presented at the 9th Nordic biennial for contemporary art.

Other highlights are the work of Icelandic product designer Búi Aðalsteinsson, who is concerned with creating self-sustainable food systems for a possible overpopulated world in the near future. He will be presenting his “fly factory”- a food distributing machine that breeds real insect larvae for human consumption. Then there is also the artist Patricia Piccinini, whose realistic sculptures imagine a world where biotechnical manipulations seem to have blown out of proportion, questioning the borders of creations and manipulations and provoke the aesthetics of organic forms, a challenging idea equally shared by Turkish biological contemporary artist Pinar Yoldas, who will present a scientific display of life forms emerging from future new plastic environments.

Check out the exhibition website here and their official Facebook website here for more details.



Momentum 9: Alienation - The 9th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art

June 17 – October 11, Moss, Norway

Curators: Ulrika Flink (SE), Ilari Laamanen (FI), Jacob Lillemose (DK), Gunhild Moe (NO), Jón B.K Ransu (IS)

Commissioner: Punkt Ø, Director Dag Aak Sveinar


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