Spotlight: Ziv Lahat


My name's Ziv Lahat. I'm a Painter, Lowbrow artist, illustrator, cartoonist and fashion designer. 

From an early age I was influenced by many cultures – especially Ethnic, which influenced most of my art. Later on in life I studied fashion design in Paris (ESMOD) and later took part in exciting fields in the fashion world, including advertising of my own created costumed shoes,collaborate with a few sneakers shops and an article about my shoes art, Styliste, Personal Shopper and Fashion Designer for a few companies in the industry.

I am influenced by many different artistic fields that accompanied me most of my life, such as street art culture (Graffiti, Toys, Comics, Vinyl Toys, Tags, Characters etc..), kustom kulture (50′s, hot rods, pinstriping, exotica), history, Ethnica, music (Ska, Reggae, Hip Hope, Psychobilly, Jazz, Rockabilly, Punk, Gothic, Tribal and many more...), tattoo culture, Primitive art, Lowbrow, Surf, Skate, Rastafari Movement and many more, which influenced my designs, art and ideas.

So, what's with my nickname in the Graffiti/Street Art... I took this name from the mighty and legend Miles Davis Kind Of Blue album.... "So What" is playing always in my head when I think of drawing something and after that I mixed with other genres music.

I love to create my own style with a lot of thinking and good vibes... from Tiki to Psychobilly from Ska to Surf etc...

My works have been published at the latest Frontend Magazine issue 35 (Japan), Kustom Life Magazine issue 5 2016 (Germany), Pizza Pyramide Skateboard Magazine issue 5 (USA), Chausseurs Magazine issue 179 (France), an Interview at June 2016 (France), Section 8 magazine issue 34 (USA), Aesthetica Magazine (UK) August-September 2016 issue 72, OX Fanzine (Germany) December - January 2017 Issue 129, Contemporary Art Curator (Sweden), Island Stage Magazine December 2016 (USA), Juste Magazine February 2017 (France), Tendencias Fashion Magazine February 2017 (Spain), Ballpit Magazine March 2017, Grease Inc Magazine Issue 3 Volume 8 March 2017 (USA), 247Ink Magazine Issue 14 April-May 2017 (USA), Powerglide Magazine Issue 40 February March and April 2017 (France), A-Files Magazine April 2017 (Japan), HLOMRT April 2017 (USA), Kustom World Issue 41 April May 2017 (Italy), Tattooed Time Bomb Magazine Issue 40 May 2017 (USA), Slovo Magazine Issue 32 June 2017 (Russia), Chaotic Utopian Magazine June 2017 (Canada), Italia Art Magazine (IAM) June 2017 (Italy), Reggae Vibes June 2017 (Netherlands), Inked Magazine June 2017 (Australia & NZ), Innersport July 2017 (Brazil), Veteran Skater July 2017 (Brazil), Skatenaweb July 2017 (Brazil), TriboSkate Magazine July 2017 (Brazil), Cemporcento Skate Magazine July 2017 (Brazil), Delicious Dolls August 2017 (USA), Streetrobots (USA), Spanky Stokes (USA), Toy Chronicles(USA) and Toysrevil (Singapore).



Adult Coloring Book- The 10 Depths of Existential Steeze - 2017.

Adult Coloring Book - Wynwood Coloring Book - 2017.



1. Mostra International Sk8Art 4 life show (5 December 2016 - 8 January 2017) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2. Barcelona International Art Fair (16-17th December 2016) in Barcelona, Spain.

3. Conception Art Show,Los Angeles Contemporary Art Show (28th January 2017), Los Angeles, USA.

4. Conception Art Show, New York City (2nd March 2017), New York, USA.

5. Tattoo Week , Mostra International Sk8ArtLife Show (14-16th July 2017), São Paulo,Brazil.


Mr E came from the land of Hip Hop, Graff, skate culture, tattoos and Lifestyle... He was born with one eye like Cyclops because he wanted to be different from all and to be a rebel soldier from another world. He's the ultimate Skater and he love to make some ollie slide... off the lips... He love his ramps and to jump from everywhere. He loves to listen to old Hip Hop and make his move like a Bboy... and from other side he listens a lot to surf and skate punk... and he loves his special band Sublime.


Mr Finki's the greatest surfer he came from the land of Kustom Kulture and Lowbrow... Rat Fink was his Hero and loves him so much he took his moves and inspiration from him, mixed with all his love for Surf, Tattoo, Exotic, Ocean, Lowbrow, Rockabilly, Kustom Kulture and of course Mr Rat Fink... Mr Finki loves to surf and he makes his moves when he listens to the surfers and surf music... He's the pioneer in this land to mix a lot of things in the same piece.


Mixed Media:






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