Spotlight: Natalia Kisielewicz Rex


Natalia Kisielewicz Rex is an internationally published Polish mixed-media artist who has for over a decade been working with digital art and self portrait photography.

As a young girl, she would spend many hours in her room not only drawing but spending a lot of time with arts and crafts, with the music on, which hasn't changed much now that she is an adult. Besides Polish folk art, iconography and surrealism, music and introspection is a huge inspiration and drives her creativity.

When Natalia discovered Photoshop in her teens she fell in love with the possibility of being able to create quickly and experiment more freely. When that interest evolved into digital photography, her interest in learning new things helped her quickly master lighting and advanced editing from a photographer's point of view which helped her improve her approach.

One of the ways she wanted to learn quickly was to offer free portrait sessions around the city to be able to adapt her creativity to new situations, people and styles of lighting. After a few no-shows, she decided to take things into her own hands and use herself as the subject which changed her entire direction. Through this new approach, she felt more liberated in what she was creating, expressing her feelings, identity and ideas.

Decoupage was a method she discovered 3 years ago and began testing the method on various subjects such as metal, ceramic, glass and wood.

Before the photo is glued onto the surface, she begins with finding inspiration from her life, music and reading, and begins sketching. She likes to incorporate certain landscape elements usually found in renaissance and religious art, and then adds an element of surprise - something unusual, symbolic, with herself as the main character. These elements she photographs, edits and after creating a montage in Photoshop begins to prepare the digital print for transfer on a given surface.

Her future plans include using different wood objects in different sizes and exhibitions in new countries.





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