Travel Tuesday: Top Five Things to do in Dubai

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Article by Christina Riley

Dubai has been attracting tourists worldwide for years with its cosmopolitanism, but also its traditional beauties. A city steeped in some of the world’s best modern architecture, Dubai continues to evolve and innovate, which is one of the reasons why it is a favourite destination of mine. Characterised by a constant bustle of people, Dubai continues to be a hotspot for those who look for excitement and the buzz of the city. However, those who enjoy a quieter vibe are equally satisfied with plush resort hotels catering to their guests’ every need. 

A city filled with endless possibilities, my top five things to do and see should be enjoyed by Dubai newcomers and seasoned veterans.


My favourite thing to do in Dubai is brunch: an intense three to four hours of an all-you-can-eat, all-you-can-drink buffet in true Dubai fashion equals extravagance. Weekend brunches are the expat weekly trip, turning the typical Friday or Saturday night into an all-day boozing fest starting here. However, the copious amounts of alcohol available comes second to the array of food served. Having tasted some of the most delicious dishes while brunching, it is a food lover’s dream. 



The brunch culture is also not an exclusively expensive attraction, with mid-week and evening options in humbler, yet still spectacular locations. Variety, location and size are the key factors when looking into the perfect place to suit your budget. To taste the world, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel’s ‘Wanderlust’ brunch is the one to try. Costing upwards of AED 400 per person, this is an expensive day but an unforgettable one. A party from start to finish both in your mouth and on the dancefloor, ‘Wanderlust’ is my favourite Dubai brunch (judging by their margaritas alone!).

Palm Jumeirah offers a wide range of options for brunch located in their multitude of hotels. One of the most beautiful places in Dubai, the Palm is a perfect location to enjoy the beach or a family-friendly brunch. Lucky Voice karaoke club located in the Grand Millennium Hotel offers brunch with a twist. Focusing on lip-sync battles and sing-a-longs, this is a prime location for party seekers. With prices ranging from approx. AED 200 to 400, brunch is only as expensive as your taste.

After a hard week sunbathing and soaking up the intense heat, brunch is the perfect way to wind down, relax and have fun.

2. Bab Al Shams

For a truly authentic Arabian experience, Bab Al Shams is a blissful and remote getaway, perfect for a day trip or weekend. Situated in the desert, this resort is exposed to the unforgiving Dubai heat - a fantastic opportunity to top up a summer tan. For those of you who shy away from UV rays, a swim-up bar provides the perfect shade, as you stay refreshed with a strawberry daiquiri or a tall pint of Heineken. Camel rides, mini golf, and fine dining complete the ultimate spa experience which is sure to leave you revitalised, and desperate to book your next trip.

Photograph of the Dubai Fountain sourced from

Photograph of the Dubai Fountain sourced from

Dubai Fountain

A popular tourist attraction, the Dubai Fountain is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Surrounded by an array of first-class restaurants, bars and the Burj Khalifa, the choreographed fountain display can be enjoyed in the elegant setting of the Souk al Bahar, or the more urban Dubai Mall. Daily performances, held at various times during the day and night, do not detract from the fountain’s beauty, which is breathtaking each time you see it. 

Ladies’ Night

Dubai is notoriously known for being upmarket, and thus comes with a heavy price tag. However, an advantage for us women is the benefit of Ladies’ Nights which happen in various locations almost every day in Dubai. From experience, a bar or restaurant can offer anything from one to five free drinks for every woman that enters their doors. The key to planning a night in Dubai is research; the internet is full of useful resources to pinpoint your preferred day and location. No entry fees also ensure an affordable night filled with endless options and a chance to sample them all. After enjoying the quality of shopping Dubai has to offer, some freebies are warmly welcomed and taste that little bit sweeter. 

Photograph of Burj Khalifa sourced from

Photograph of Burj Khalifa sourced from


Atlantis offers scope for a fast-paced and exciting day trip, or a serene and blissful excursion. Depending on the season, the popular Atlantis resort can be almost deserted, meaning short queues, less noise and the freedom to go and do whatever you want. Winter to early spring is the perfect opportunity to avoid the summer rush of people and the heat, provided a slight nip in the evening air doesn’t bother you. Complete with marine life, beaches, and multiple pools, a day at Atlantis is fun-filled and exciting. There’s even a waterpark for thrill seekers, and Poseidon’s Revenge is the ultimate must-do. Waiting for the floor to disappear from under your feet, whether you love it or you hate it, is a memorable experience and one that does not disappoint. 

Constantly evolving, Dubai promises a new experience with every visit. A beautiful city and a prime location for further travel, it is not to be missed whether you’re holidaying or just stopping over. 


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