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Welcome to ST.ART magazine, the only independent student-run arts, literary and creative collective based in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Founded in 2011, ST.ART is a team of artists and creatives dedicated to promoting the exceptional work and unmatched talent of our fellow peers and the wider global art community through a uniquely expressive medium. 

We have an expansive team of creatives who contribute to generating content across our print and digital platforms. Apart from our strong online presence, ST.ART further produces a biannual publication. These publications are thematically based and are professionally produced, ultimately introduced to the public through an unmissable launch party.

Above all, at ST.ART we aim to provide an outlet through which any individual can express themself creatively and artistically. As a collaborative organisation, we facilitate the exchange between artists and their audiences: we host regular pop-up exhibitions showcasing student work, we post daily updates regarding current news and trends in the art world and we collaborate with other student-run organisations here in St. Andrews.

We hope to inspire a multiplicity of perspectives in our followers and to provoke the kind of thought and debate in our readers that befits the vibrant community in which we live. 




The Creative


Sophia Penelope Hill


Sophia Penelope Hill is a Canadian-American woman trying to figure it all out in the big city of St. Andrews! She was born in Victoria, BC, but spent the better part of her life in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. Currently, she is a fourth year Film Studies student at the University of St. Andrews. She has always had a passion for writing and the creative arts, so serving as one of the Editor-and-Chief’s of ST.ART has been a great way to express both of those passions. Along with running the operations of the magazine, Sophia writes a fashion column called “Closet Confidential” for ST.ART as well! When she isn’t writing and watching films, you can find her baking cookies at Taste Coffee shop or wearing sparkly sunglasses at night! If you want to know more about how to get involved in ST.ART Magazine or just want to talk about bell-bottom jeans, you can email her at:!! She is a Cancer.

Tessa Lillis


Tessa is currently a fourth year studying Management and Spanish. Originally from Austin, Texas, Tessa has always been hugely immersed in the arts throughout her upbringing. From contemporary visual exhibitions to live music, Tessa’s passion for the arts spans across all mediums. It is through this dedication that Tessa hopes to pursue a path in culturally engaged organisations in the future. As such, Tessa has had summer internships in museums and other cultural institutions and currently works at a gallery here in St. Andrews. She has been a part of ST.ART Magazine since she was a fresher, where she took on roles like Public Relations Manager and Film Sub-Editor. As Editor-in-Chief, Tessa is managing the creative team and overseeing all operations of the publication. To get in touch, email her at


Angie Keswani

Creative Director

Angie is a fourth-year studying International Relations and Philosophy with a focus in Human Rights. Growing up across the States, and raised by two British Indians, she lives at the crossroads of three different cultures. She enjoys all things fashion, photography, and magazine-related – especially when combined! In her role as Creative Director, Angie puts her photography, editing, graphics, and design skills to use to shape and create the biannual print magazine. If you are interested, please check out Issue 18, Uncovered. It’s her baby!! Feel free to drop her an email with any ideas or enquiries at


Iona Ward


Iona is a second year studying Film and Art History with a passion for all things creative. With her interest in design she hopes to show her love of art and culture, combining photography with other mediums. Email her at


Catherine Burke


Catherine is a second year student studying international relations and modern history from Washington D.C.. She is passionate about all mediums of art, but especially writing and photography. She is so excited to help celebrate the amazing creativity of St Andrews’ students by working on events for ST.ART! Get in touch with her at



Kaylee Kelley

Content Editor

Kelley is a fourth year English and art history student. When she’s not copy editing, she can be found playing tennis (poorly), arranging charcuterie boards (adequately), and dressing like a March sister (with skill!). If you also like words or want to discuss the whole rigamarole drop her a line at


Liam Shearer

Arts & Culture

Liam is a fourth year International Relations and Modern History student from Thurso, Scotland, who also acts as Arts and Culture Sub-Editor for ST.ART Magazine. Liam's passion for the arts stems from his appreciation of its transformative potential. With experience in creative writing, theatre and music, Liam remains fascinated by the artistic process and what it can tell us about both the artist and society at large. If interested in the Arts & Culture section, send Liam an email at:


Paige Meintzer

Creative Writing

Paige is a fourth year student of English and Modern History, and is Creative Writing Sub-Editor at ST.ART Magazine. She enjoys expressing her creativity through writing short stories and screenplays and has taken advantage of the opportunity to study creative writing as part of her English degree at St. Andrews. Her favorite platform to gain inspiration and read other people’s stories is The New Yorker. When she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career in screenwriting. If you’re interested in writing for the Creative Writing section, drop Paige an email at


Samuel Jeffries


Samuel is a 2nd year student studying Ancient History and Archaeology. He’s a native of Scotland and currently living in nearby Edinburgh. He has been a film fan for most of his life, a love likely born from watching ‘Monsters, Inc’ approximately 200 times as a 2 year old, according to his parents. Whilst preferring the horror genre, Samuel is familiar with all forms of film and is especially fond of student and budget films. His favourite currently being ‘EverymanHybrid’, a unique budget horror/thriller story on Youtube. Ultimately, Samuel has an intense love for filmmaking and unique methods of storytelling. If you want to write an article for the Film section or if you want to collaborate then you can contact Samuel at


Stella Milinich


Stella is a 4th year student studying international relations and comparative literature. Outside of uni she helps coordinate Sofar Sounds events in St. Andrews and writes album and gig reviews for an Edinburgh based culture publication called the Wee Review! She is really passionate about the arts, especially sharing new music and coordinating live performances. Get in touch with her at


Rachel Chalmers

Business & Sponsorship

Rachel is a fourth year studying Economics. She has always had a keen interest in art and regularly attends exhibitions showcasing local artists in her hometown of Edinburgh. Having at one point being torn between applying to art school and university, she is excited to undertake a role that incorporates her love of the arts as well as having some relevance to her degree. Email her regarding any business and sponsorship inquiries at


Emily Males

Social Media

Emily is a second-year Art History student from New Jersey. Her passion lies where fashion and art intersect, going so far as to create her own brand Emden Designs and visiting The Met’s fashion exhibition at least 5 times every summer. She loves studying art, making art, and sharing art with the people of her community. With social media becoming an integral form of sharing and communicating, Emily wants to use her position at ST.ART to inspire and share all the talent St. Andrew’s has to offer! Please contact her regarding social media at


Joséphine Duriez


Josephine is a third year studying Economics and Sustainable Development. As one of the events managers, she wishes to share and curate the art created by students while making it a lively experience. Originally from France but having grown up in South East Asia, she has always been attracted by the visual arts but especially photography. Her passion for visual memories has inspired her to document her trips though photography and films. Get in touch if you wish to voice any ideas at



Adya Khosla

Content Editor

Adya is a second year student pursuing a joint honours degree in English and Social Anthropology and is one of the magazine’s Content Editors. She loves a good book or movie, travelling, coffee, nights in or out, and petting every dog she sees on Market Street. She has been involved in journalism since high school and is interested in how art allows people are to express themselves and their experiences in so many different ways. She is really excited to be part of ST.ART this year and to contribute to all things creative in the Bubble! To get in touch, please email


Eilidh Marshall


Originally from “well, Edinburgh’s here, Glasgow’s here, and my town is right in the middle”, Eilidh is in her third year of IR and Spanish here at St Andrews. Her passion for travel started at a young age and was cemented by her year abroad in Barcelona. Eilidh’s favourite thing about travelling is the stories you can tell once you’re home, and she’s excited to join the creative and share the wonders of travelling in Scotland and beyond. Get in touch with her at


Simona Mezzina


Simona is a fourth year student reading Art History and Film Studies here at St Andrews. She was born and raised in the south of Italy, and she does feel that her nationality is something that strongly represents her. She started her role as Fashion Editor at ST.ART two years ago and she is excited to join the committee for her final year! Fashion has been a passion/obsession of hers since a very young age. She compares it to any other art form, and she studies it as she does with art history or film theory. There is so much more to it that what you see on the runway! For ST.ART, she is looking for fresh, innovative and groundbreaking writers, not afraid to voice unpopular opinions. If this sounds like you, please get in touch with her at explaining your ideas. She is looking forward to hearing from you!


Emily Silk


Emily Silk, a 3rd year Art History student. Enjoys annoying friends by taking pictures of them constantly. Loves all things art related but a particular lover of 19th century romanticism and pop art. A frequent gig goer and 9 times out of 10 will not hear you because of having headphones in. Favourite quote on photography has to be Susan Sontag “The photographer is not simply the person who records the past but the one who invents it”! Please contact her at


Karin Sofia Johansson


Karin Sofia Johansson is a 4th year philosophy and English literature student. Having both written for and performed on many of the stages around St Andrews, she have seen the incredible amount of work that goes into the productions here. She is excited to take over the theatre section of ST.ART and focusing our efforts on highlighting the people who make theatre in St Andrews, covering the process of all the amazing work that is done by the production teams and ensembles behind shows, and publish new writing by the many talented playwrights in town. If you want to write for her, or have scripts that you want published, please email me at

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